FITAKI Helmet Lock

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Fitaki is world’s first automatic helmet lock.
FITAKI is world’s first automatic helmet lock cum carrier that secures the helmet on the bike without much time and effort. It is cool, comfortable, and convenient than any of the existing helmet lock systems as it does not require neither a lock nor a key!!!!Mileage saving , reduction of pollution and accidents, carrier facility are the core features of FITAKI and these factors make the cost you met to purchase FITAKI is never an expense but a wise investment. The registered design of FITAKI has applied for its worldwide patent.
How far outstanding is FITAKI

FITAKI is not only a helmet-securing product as other available helmet-locks. It is passively working, 100% using, safest carrier for luggage on rides, locker for both luggage and helmet at parking, accident preventer, indirect saviour of money and time wastes, a tool that help you to control pollution, a silent factor that transform you to be a user of full-face helmets and a willing obedient of helmet law, etc….


fitaki lock


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